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Angle units – Pi radians vs degrees

Let’s establish that half circle is 180 degrees and Pi radians, and from there on we can conclude on several facts as below.


Now, I’m sure you are able to understand the degrees pretty well. It’s the Pi radian measurement that’s bogging your mind. However, its actually quite elegant. You see semi-circle makes 1 Pi radians, a perpendicular angle makes 0.5 Pi radians and you can just keep dividing by two to get the exact angle you like.

Having said that, I take a neutral stand when it comes to preferences. Cos unit of degrees are just drilled into my brain. Im sure that’s the case for many of us, so let’s come up with a formula that will solve this issue. We use ratios and a little algebra.


So all the sudden, things are a little easier. Well, that’s what revision is suppose to be…

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